New Era Cane Corso Studs

All studs available via frozen seamen or physical contact with female depending on location at the time for more info please get in touch

BRONX is our very athletic black Cane Corso male who has a high drive and great protective instincts.

He has produced many of our favourite dogs over the years.

ATTILA is our newest stud male, he is one of the most traditional looking Cane Corso in Europe to date and his temperament is amazing.

He’s a big heavy dog and very laid back but again with strong protective instincts when needed.

A very clear minded and stable dog he has produced some huge pups from his last 2 litters.


Rougue is a daughter of Attila pictured at 16 weeks old. 

Bane he is an Attila son this he is pictured at 4 months old still only a baby but already looking just like his dad.

Thea at 18months old. She is a Bronx daughter very high drive just like him and full of protective instincts

Clyde pictured at 20 months he is a fine specimen of a Cane Corso, his temperament is unbelievable a very stable and clear minded dog.