We have New Era Cane Corso puppies for sale available cropped and docked from our partners in Europe. Available for export world wide.

New Era Cane Corso

New Era Cane Corso

Welcome to New Era Cane Corso. Home of the Traditional Italian Cane Corso.

Here at New Era we strive for excellence, producing, exporting and importing some of the finest Cane Corso around today.

We breed to the Italian standard whilst specifically producing rustic and traditional looking dogs with all the characteristics of a real guardian Cane Corso fit for purpose to perform the tasks this ancient breed was created to do.

The Traditional Cane Corso is a working breed of mastiff they are stable and extremely loyal and protective of their owners and household they are certainly not the correct breed for everyone and require extensive and continual training, socialisation and mental and physical stimulation.

New Era Cane Corso Pups for sale

All of our breedings are targeted keeping in mind our goal of producing athletic, stable, extremely courageous and highly trainable family guardians.

Cane Corsa guarding its owners car

Taking into consideration both mental and physical attributes of both parents and ancestors in each of their pedigrees enables us to select desired qualities for function, type, health and temperament.

New Era Cane Corso Pups

Corso’s are genetically a close quarter guardian which means they aren’t like many other guardian breeds, they aren’t well suited to solely guarding livestock or premises they need to be around there family and form unbelievabally strong bonds with each member of the family individually. If you can offer all of this you will have a devoted friend for life and an unmatched family guardian.

New Era Cane Corso puppies for sale

Cane Corso Pups in the garden


“After having dogs all my life and sighthounds for more than 3 decades, originally in a working capacity then subsequently as pets, I met for the first time, a ‘Cane Corso’. A lifelong family friend had acquired him. After spending a lot of time with the dog and him also spending time with my dogs, I knew I’d love one in my life permanently. So, I started my intensive research on the breed & reputable breeders.

I soon came to the conclusion that I’d only be happy with one with old, pure, rustic blood that could be verified and found that Ged at New Era was my trusted way forward. Almost 12 months later ‘Porcia’ my bitch arrived from Europe. She was picked from pictures and videos of her litter, with her parents and I received regular updates before she was shipped at 16 weeks.

She arrived stress free, sociable and contented. With her passport, microchip, vaccinations, European Registration and 5 generation Pedigree. She’s now 20 months old and is an absolute pleasure to own! I cannot imagine life without her. Ged’s knowledge of the breed and his truly invested aftercare has made owning a directly descended Italian Molosser very easy.

Porcia has developed in to an amazingly beautiful bitch, inside and out. She displays all the traits you’d expect from the breed. Extreme loyalty to family members, of all ages. Yes, she’s wary of strangers but is easily checked on command. She wouldn’t be a Cane Corso if she wasn’t!

Thousands of years of breeding as a close quarter guardian can’t and shouldn’t be discouraged, just easily controlled with the right training. You then find yourself with the most amazing Canine companion for all the family to love and enjoy. As the most athletic of the Mastiffs and the original coursing dogs, the breed loves nothing more than to run, jump, swim and play!

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending a Cane Corso as an addition to any home as long as his/her needs are fulfilled. I also would strongly recommend Ged at New Era as the starting point for securing a high quality, responsibly bred, prime example of this most ancient but enduring, fantastic breed.

Porcia and family

“I have been a dog person for as long as I can remember, so when I sadly lost my pressa I began looking for a breed and breeder that suited my needs for my next Dog. With a young family and also a bit of land I needed a strong stable breed that would make a great family companion but also an able protector for my home and my girls.

I was advised to speak to Ged at new era and it was a great recommendation, I was kept informed throughout the process and when Sparta was ready to collect I arrived to find a fantastically healthy cracking example of the breed.

Sparta ticks my every box, my 4 year old can walk him herself on the lead and she has even taken him in the show ring unsupervised wining a 1st place. The girls hang off him like a climbing frame without a worry, then at night he is alert and on guard and actually stopped the theft of one of my vehicles while we were asleep. If you are looking for a new Dog I would highly recommend both this breed and Ged at New Era Cane Corso.”

Sparta and Family

Cane Corsa pup playing with the kids
Cane Corso Sparta with Spider Girl
Cane Corso Sparta day out with the family