Cane Corso and their Puppies and awesome companion for 2021

Man’s Best Friend:

Cane Corso

On the lookout for a new family pet?

Maybe a four-legged friend for your young ones or a companion for yourself?

Then a Cane Corso puppy might be just the addition to your home that you’re in need of.

As providers of Cane Corso puppies to homes all over the UK, our experience and the feedback we receive from satisfied clients tells us that this particular breed can be a great addition to any home.

Before making a decision on your choice of dog breed, however, it’s always a good idea to get a bit of information on it, just so you know what to expect.

So here’s a quick introduction to the Cane Corso, just so you can get acquainted.


With its name derived from the Italian ‘cane’ (dog), and the Latin ‘cohors‘ (protector), the Cane Corso has been well-known throughout history as a particularly good companion and guard dog. Also widely known as the Italian Mastiff, an average weight for an adult will be about 40-50 kg while standing approximately 70 cm above the ground. They’re rather big and sturdy looking, but with an easily noticeable athleticism to their build.

We provide IMPORTED Cane Corso puppies with cropped ears, as they can grow to be rather floppy as the dog matures and taking away from the distinctive Cane Corso’s head, which is relatively large and imposing. Bred from the very highest quality of dogs and bitches, you will find them in two basic coat colours – black and fawn.

Temperament and Characteristics

The Cane Corso has been a favourite breed with dog owners for numerous reasons, and these are what have made the breed such a successful one in all types of households spread over the United Kingdom.

They are particularly friendly dogs, which surprises many people who are intimidated by their impressive size and muscular bearing. The fact is, Cane Corsos have a rich heritage of guarding homesteads, and that involves knowing the difference between danger and playtime. Children are perfectly safe around them, as these intelligent pets readily understand the playtime rough-housing, loud screaming, and heavy-handed petting children are prone to engage in.

They are incredibly loyal pets, especially should you take them in as puppies. By having them around at an early age, they will identify with their adoptive family very closely and can be extremely affectionate. Some of them will like a bit of independence at times, but that is just a remnant of their early history as guard dogs that would be on their own for extended periods of time, keeping the household safe from any outside threats.

Their intelligence makes them remarkably quick learners, meaning that house training will present little to no difficulty for the new owner. More good news for the hygiene conscious owner is the fact that their relatively short-haired coats will not shed all over the home.

They are neat dogs in general, although you might have to watch out for a bit of drooling when they give you an excited hello now and then..

Final Word

All in all, the Cane Corso checks almost every box a potential owner would look for in a pet. Their sturdy build and good genetics also make them active, rarely ill pets, sure to bring many years of companionship and affection to whichever home they are in.

Get in touch with us in the UK for your very own Cane Corso puppy – you won’t be disappointed.