About Us


We are Traditional Italian Cane Corso enthusiasts and breeders. We are based in Manchester UK and have here in the UK some of the highest quality males open for selected Stud duties in Europe.

Cane Corso in the car

Our breeding programme and kennels are based over in Europe where we have access to some of the best bloodlines around today we have imported dogs from around the world to add certain types and characteristics into our breeding programme sticking with the traditional and rustic look and personality of the old Italian Cane Corso.

A lot of time and effort has gone into our breeding programme and is certainly showing in the quality of the pups we are producing. We export pups worldwide and have supplied dogs to many VIP customers over the years from footballers to foreign diplomats and security agencies.

We only breed for the traditional guardian type of Cane Corso we are not interested in winning dog shows we breed for temperament and rustic type sticking closely to the italian standard but more importantly producing dogs with the stable temperment, intelligence and confidence to perform the tasks this ancient breed was originally created to do.

We are one of very few breeding programmes in the world that concentrate all of our breeding efforts into the preservation and enhancement of the breed characteristics that gave the Cane Corso its legendary status as a guardian. These temperament traits include courage, loyalty, intelligence and stability and are very important in producing a real guardian type of Cane Corso.

The 3 most important aspects in any beeeding programme are HEALTH, TEMPERAMENT and TYPE and our Corso have it all! We use an extensive Guardian Cane Corso temperament tests on all of our adult dogs included in our programme. We also temperament test each pup so we can place them with the best suited owner to match the drive and abilities of the pup to the requirements, expectations and lifestyle of the customer.